If you’ve been in a car accident, chances are that you have a lot of questions. You may not know where to turn for help, or how to get the compensation you deserve. A car accident attorney can serve as an advocate for you throughout insurance negotiations and a potential trial. A car accident lawyer can help you collect evidence and gather police records; determine the value of your claim; research the other driver; interview witnesses; and negotiate a fair settlement.

Collect Evidence

A car accident attorney will help you collect evidence that could prove how much liability the other driver bore in causing the crash. This includes gathering police records, determining the value of your claim, researching the other driver’s insurance policy, and interviewing witnesses.

Gather Police Records
A car accident attorney will help you gather all relevant police records from both before and after the crash—such as witness statements or photos taken by first responders at the scene—to build your case against the other driver.

Determine the Value of Your Claim

An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to calculate which damages are most likely to be awarded at trial, including medical expenses associated with treatment for injuries sustained during an accident; lost wages from time off work; pain and suffering; emotional distress; and more.

Research the Other Driver

A car accident attorney will conduct thorough research into the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, driving history, and any previous incidents they may have been involved in. This research will help them negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company on your behalf.

Interview Witnesses

A car accident attorney will speak with any witnesses to the incident who can provide details about what happened before or after the collision. They’ll also speak with any police officers who responded to the scene of the crash. This information helps build an understanding of how events unfolded—and it can strengthen your case if there’s ever any question about liability in court proceedings down the road.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

A car accident attorney will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. They’ll be able to explain the extent of your injuries and why you deserve compensation for them. They may also be able to argue that you were not at fault for the accident.

If an agreement cannot be reached between yourself and the other driver’s insurance company, then it’s likely that your case will go to trial. A car accident lawyer can represent you during the trial process, which may involve hiring expert witnesses and preparing for cross-examination by opposing counsel.

Willoughby Shulman Injury Lawyers

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