Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall Cases

Even though Las Vegas doesn’t get much ice this time of year, you always have to be careful to avoid slipping and falling. Whether it is a slick store floor, a cluttered store entrance, or another type of unsafe surface, you encounter many hazards throughout a given day. “Slip and fall” and “Trip and fall” cases are extremely common year-round and may result in serious injury, leading to long-term injury.

As with any other form of trauma, the effects on your health may not become apparent until days after the fall occurs. Immediately after an incident, if you are physically able, report the fall to an employee and complete an incident report. Photograph the hazard and get witness information if available. You will also want to visit a physician for your injuries and keep track of any difference in your health that you may have sustained. No matter how slight the injury may seem, lingering bodily trauma that goes untreated can become a daily nuisance and result in more serious complications. When it comes to your health, do not hesitate to address any issue with a professional.

If you or anyone you know has suffered a fall on someone else’s property and received medical attention, make sure to consult with a reputable injury attorney/firm and discuss your options. Slip and fall and Trip and fall injuries can cause severe consequences and, therefore, should be treated as professionally and thoroughly as any case involving a car accident or other trauma. Take the time to find reliable, accomplished legal representation, and make sure your Las Vegas Premises Liability Lawyer takes your health as seriously as you do. Call us at (702) 852-6688.