While we all prefer the accident that doesn’t happen, unfortunately, these collisions still occur. There are many different factors that play into causing accidents, and even more of a variety when it comes to the kinds of accidents that can result. Though numerous types of accidents can happen, there are some that are more common than others. 

Head On

Head on collisions are pretty self-explanatory. Just as the name suggests, they are when the front end (head) of a vehicle collides with the front of another car. These kinds of accidents are fairly common, especially within intersections or along roads where it can be easy to drift into oncoming traffic. Usually head on collisions occur at moderate to high speeds, and because of this, they can be severe and cause catastrophic injuries for the passengers involved. 

Hit and Run 

Hit and Run accidents can be any variety of collision, but where one of the drivers involved leaves the scene immediately. Often when the driver flees, it is because they are intoxicated, or under/uninsured. The severity and kind of accident may vary, but the tendency for these collisions to have lasting effects is high, as they may not be reported right away. 


Intersection accidents are, as the name suggests, collisions that occur within intersections. As these accidents often happen at high speeds, and to unsuspecting drivers, they have the tendency to be quite severe. Intersection accidents usually are a result of running red lights, failing to yield, having an obstructed view, or distracted driving. 

Lane Change

Lane change accidents usually occur when a driver fails to check their blindspot while merging or, as the name states, changing lanes. Usually these are minor bumps or scrapes, but sometimes, they can be exacerbated by overcorrecting and can result in more major accidents, such as rollovers. 

Rear End

Rear end accidents are another common kind of collision. This is when one vehicle collides with the back end of another. These typically occur when a driver is excessively speeding, doesn’t leave enough space between them and the car in front of them, or if the driver is distracted. Rear end accidents can result in severe head and neck trauma, and may cause back issues as well. 


Rollover accidents are typically caused by overcorrections from other accident types, or by a collision that happens at a high speed, enough to flip the car completely over. These kinds of accidents can be detrimental to those involved, as they usually cause severe injuries because of the sheer force of the impact and trauma. 


These kinds of accidents occur when the front end of a car collides with the side of another, forming a “T” sort of shape. Because of the lack of protection along the sides of cars, these kinds of accidents can result in serious injuries for those in the impacted car. 

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