Hit-and-run incidents are some of the most disturbing motor vehicle collisions. In addition to the damages that come with any collision, there is the additional trauma of seeing the at-fault party flee in an attempt to escape responsibility. Listed below are several steps we advise everyone take in the event of a hit-and-run collision to help ensure justice occurs:

  • It is important to note the license plate and vehicle make/model (or any memorable features) of the at-fault vehicle. Call the police immediately so they can potentially locate the at-fault party and officially document the event for the record, and make sure anyone involved in the collision receives medical attention. Provide the police with as much information as possible to help with a quick and successful response. If the police are unable to respond to scene of the collision, it is prudent that you visit your local police station to create a traffic collision report.
  • Obtain any witness info and note nearby establishments that may have recorded the incident with surveillance cameras. Any video record can help identify the vehicle/driver and help clarify or confirm witness statements for legal purposes later on.
  • Investigators can locate vehicles based on limited information, so do not give up if you can’t remember an entire license plate or vehicle description. There are many factors that may allow the police or an attorney to successfully identify the driver.
  • Even if investigators cannot locate the individual(s) responsible, you may be able to recover compensation based on benefits afforded by your automobile insurance policy.

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As with any other form of collision, hit-and-runs can significantly affect victims’ lives. Remember to proceed promptly but calmly after any collision, and always seek legal advice from a reputable attorney/firm.