Safety Tips for the 2018-19 School Year

August means the start of a new school year and, of course, back-to-school traffic. Remember, Clark County School District is operating under its “earlier” calendar this year, with public school classes beginning on Monday, August 13. As this is only the second time CCSD will be using this schedule, don’t be surprised if you still encounter some confused parents, students, and even bus drivers on the road for the next week or two. The beginning of the school year is often a hectic period, and you can expect it to be as challenging as ever this time around. Anyone who regularly drives through school zones (on the way to work, home, the supermarket, etc.) should prepare for some back-to-school “jetlag” and take this earlier schedule into account.

The new school year also brings with it the largest-ever student population in Clark County, meaning more parents and students will be on the road than ever before. Even if you don’t normally pass children on your route, it is important to remember to remain alert and always check for pedestrians and cyclists. Tens of thousands of students walk or bike to school daily, and, as you may have guessed, they do not always check in both directions before stepping into the street. Additionally, the continuing construction projects and road closures throughout southern Nevada may contribute to delays and some confusion. Check online for more information about any roadwork in your neighborhood, and make sure you are aware of any alternate routes you may need to take in the event of heavy traffic.

We would like to wish everyone a happy start to the school year, especially anyone with children who will be attending class for the very first time. Stay safe on the roads this year, and don’t hesitate to call us in the event of an accident.