If you’re working in a hot environment and believe that your work has caused you to suffer from a heat stroke, then there may be some options available for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ compensation is a very broad subject, allowing people to collect compensation for any injury or medical condition caused by harsh working conditions.

In some cases, workers’ compensation can apply in cases where people suffer from a heat stroke. Below, you’ll learn about all of the circumstances surrounding this issue and how it applies to your case.

What Exactly is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that employers purchase to protect themselves from potential lawsuits. In the event of a medical condition caused by difficult working conditions, workers can file for benefits such as wage replacement and payment for lost wages due to their inability to work.

Some injuries or illnesses which are commonly compensated through workers’ compensation include:

  • Repetitive motion disorders
  • Mental health issues (e.g., depression)
  • Hearing loss
  • Cancer caused by radiation exposure at work
  • Heat stroke related symptoms experienced while working in hot environments.

Other circumstances may qualify if they were clearly brought on because of your job duties or environment rather than personal choices you made like smoking or volunteering to lift heavy objects.

What is a Heat Stroke?

A heat stroke is when your body’s temperature rises to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

This can happen in any environment, but it is more likely to occur if the person has been exposed for a long time and their clothing was not designed to provide appropriate protection from the heat. Certain pre-existing medical conditions like asthma may also increase the risk of having a heat stroke while at work.

Symptoms include:

  • Red skin that feels hot and dry
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Confusion

Can People Collect Workers’ Compensation from a Heat Stroke?

In some cases, people may be able to collect workers’ compensation for a heat stroke.

If the person is determined to have been exposed at work and their clothing was not properly designed or selected to protect them from the heat, they can file an application with their employer’s insurance agency if they suspect that this has caused the damage.

The company will review your case based on information such as how long you were working in hot conditions each day, what types of protective gear you were wearing when it happened, any medical records available about your current condition (e.g., previous diagnosis of asthma), and more. I

If all factors point towards a connection between the event and suffering from a heat stroke, then chances are high that benefits will be awarded. However, it’s in your best interest to hire a personal injury attorney if both parties decide to play hardball.

Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’re going to be demanding a large settlement in the event of benefits being awarded, then it would benefit your case if you had legal representation.

Personal injury attorneys have experience navigating these types of claims and can advocate on behalf of their clients when negotiating with employers over how much compensation should be granted for lost wages, medical bills, or other expenses related to heatstroke.

They also know what evidence is necessary to help secure an outcome that’s favorable for everyone involved.

A personal injury attorney will spend time gathering all the relevant information about your situation before filing an application for benefits as well as representing them during negotiations with insurance companies and more complicated procedures like lawsuits.

How to Know if You Have a Strong Case

If you suffered a recent heat stroke while working, you’ll need to determine if you were provided suitable clothing and protection during your shift. If you weren’t, then you can file a legitimate grievance for workers’ compensation.

Typically, people are hesitant to avoid hiring an attorney because they don’t believe they can win. The truth is that when you hire a qualified attorney, you likely won’t have to pay a dime unless you win a settlement or in court.

Also, you’ll receive a partner with experience in going toe-to-toe with giant insurance companies and corporations.

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