A sad but somber statistic, accidental injuries are number four on the list of leading causes of death within the United States, according to a report by the CDC. They make up for approximately 136,000 deaths each year. These accidental injuries include ones as a result of slip and falls, motor vehicle accidents, and unintentional poisoning. While any injury or death is certainly grievous, personal injuries due to accidents are exceptionally frustrating because chances are they could have been avoided. 99% of personal injuries are preventable, so why are they still so prevalent? Let’s take a look at the causes of these personal injuries and how we can prevent them. 

Personal Injury Causes

While there are many circumstances and scenarios that can lead to personal injuries, there are some that are more common than others.

Distracted Walking

Whether you are sightseeing, or simply trying to keep up with the group message, not paying attention to where you are walking can contribute to an accidental personal injury. Distracted walking can lead to wandering off the path, running into obstacles or other people, and much more. While this may not be due to anyone else’s fault and therefore a case cannot be pursued, this kind of personal injury can be prevented simply by paying more attention to where you are headed. 

Slip and Falls

These are unique in the fact that they can either be your fault, or someone else’s. Slip and fall accidents are usually caused by not paying attention to where you are walking, as discussed above, or by uneven walking surfaces, obstacles in the path, trip hazards, wet floors, and more. All of these scenarios can be prevented by taking proper precautions or providing warning signs.

If proper precautions are not taken by the owner of a property, and you end up slipping or tripping and falling, leading to an injury, you may have grounds for a case. When hazardous conditions are present, property owners are required by law to inform other individuals or remove the conditions. Not doing such is considered negligence and a claim can be filed. 

Vehicle Accidents

Another leading cause of personal injuries is in motor vehicle accidents. Accidents such as these can lead to a vast variety of personal injuries, which all can range in severity as well. From minor abrasions and lacerations, to broken bones, head trauma, and more, vehicle collisions can be detrimental. Fault can sometimes be hard to prove in accidents, and you can never fully guarantee prevention of these situations since you cannot control what other drivers do, however, you can do your part in being a safe driver. Paying attention and following the traffic laws can help to avoid accidents. 

There are certainly more causes of personal injuries than what we have discussed here, however, these are the most common ones, all of which can be prevented or somewhat avoided. If you have experienced a personal injury, and you believe someone else is to blame, contact our expert attorneys to see if you have a case.