Hit and run accidents are ones where a driver involved (usually the one who has caused the accident) leaves the scene immediately. These can be any kind of collision, and the severity of the accident can fall anywhere along the scale of a slight exchange of paint to a minor fender bender to a fatal crash. Because of the vast variety in these accidents, as well as the possible failure to report it right away by the driver(s) involved, the potential for serious injuries, and long-lasting effects, is alarmingly high.

Why Leave the Scene? 

When it comes to any accident, especially involving other people and their vehicles or property, it may be hard to understand why anyone would want to leave the scene without ensuring the safety of everyone, and addressing the next steps to take. However, though completely inexcusable by all means, there are a few reasons why a driver involved in an accident might choose to leave the scene immediately.


An extremely common reason that drivers leave the scene, or avoid stopping altogether, is intoxication. If alcohol or other substances played a part in causing the collision, the impaired driver may try to avoid a DUI or other repercussions that may happen should it be found out that they were operating a vehicle intoxicated. This clouded judgment allows for fear to rule in the place of logic, and causes the driver to choose to flee the collision site.


Another common reason that the driver responsible for the accident may leave the scene is lack of insurance. Driving with no insurance is not only illegal and comes with its own repercussions, with no insurance safety net, the driver may be held completely responsible for any expenses out of pocket. To avoid the legal impact and the financial distress, instead of owning up to their actions, they flee. 

There may be other explanations that drivers choose to use when they cause an accident and fail to stop at the scene, however, regardless of the reasoning, hit and runs are illegal, and punishable by law, and no excuse is acceptable. 

Who Pays? 

Because the driver that is responsible for causing the accident has fled the scene, it can be difficult to prove fault, and to get fair compensation and treatment for the other driver(s) involved. Hit and run accident cases present unique challenges, and in order to win your case, you need an experienced, knowledgeable accident attorney. We have the expertise and will fight to get you the full compensation that you deserve. Contact us with your hit and run case today.