When you have been involved in an accident, or you have been personally injured, there are a lot of things on your mind. Dealing with all of the steps that you have to go through to pursue a case and get the full compensation that you deserve can be confusing and chaotic. It is essential to have an attorney on your side who knows the legal proceedings and has the experience to prove it. Having the right accident or personal injury attorney can make all the difference in your case. 

How do you know that you are making the best choice when it comes to picking an attorney, however? There are many, many different options out there, all claiming to be the best, have the best record, care the most, and more. With all this advertisement constantly bombarding you, begging “Pick Me!” it is important to have some standards to measure them up against, and some key aspects that you are looking for. 


When it comes to handling your case, you want someone who has a solid foundation of experience. Though every attorney has to start somewhere, it may be beneficial to you to find someone who has plenty of years and cases under their belt. With this kind of experience, they won’t be thrown off by anything that comes up, and will be knowledgeable on how to handle case proceedings. Another thing that comes with experience in the intricate knowledge of how the system works, and can use this to your advantage, getting you the full and fair compensation that you deserve.

Areas of Practice

Another aspect to consider when looking for an accident attorney is what areas of practice they specialize in. Some attorneys offer assistance with accident cases, however their main focus is on some other area of law. In addition, some attorneys who work with accident cases may only be familiar with or specialize in certain kinds of accidents. You want to ensure that not only does your attorney focus on accidents, but they are used to handling the kind of accident case that you are seeking representation on. 


Though the main mission of establishing a case is to get you the full compensation that you deserve, it should also be a goal of your attorney to ensure that you are comfortable and well-informed throughout the entire process. Your well-being should be the priority, not the money. You should find an attorney who cares about you and your health and healing, and fights for you out of passion for that. One of our beliefs at Willoughby Shulman Injury Lawyers is that Every Client Matters, and we aim to exemplify this in the manner in which we treat your case. 


Last, but certainly not least, your attorney should be readily available to assist you in relation to your case. They should be accessible for any questions and concerns that you have. This also includes being able to meet you where you are at, and communicate with you in multiple ways. 

When it comes to picking your best option for an accident attorney, there are many factors to consider. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact Willoughby Shulman Injury Lawyers today!