The best kind of personal injury is the one that never happens. Many sources claim that 99% of personal injuries can be prevented. Preventing personal injuries is obviously much more preferable to healing from them, for many reasons, however, prevention is not always enough. Personal injuries are extremely common, and they can happen due to many various causes. Since they happen so often, there has been a lot of effort made recently to explore various prevention methods. 

Personal injuries can happen to anyone, and most of them are unpredictable, even if they are preventable. Sometimes it is our own fault that we sustain these injuries, however, at times, someone else is to blame. When this is the case, you have the option of consulting with a personal injury attorney and filing a claim, in order to get compensation for your injuries and losses. 

Some losses are harder to compensate for than others, however, and most people would rather avoid being injured altogether. This is where practicing prevention can be beneficial, and help to avoid the headache of being injured and going through the healing process in its entirety. 

Prevention Methods

There are many different causes of personal injuries, however, the most common cause is a slip and fall. Often this happens when hazards are unmarked, or we lose our footing. Slip and fall accidents are fairly preventable, and most of the time can be avoided if we pay attention to our surroundings, watch where we are walking, and observe any posted warning signage. 


Wearing appropriate footwear for whatever activities you are participating in, and ensuring that it fits properly can prove beneficial to ensuring good footing and avoiding tripping. 

Looking Out

Being aware of your surroundings and keeping an eye on where you are walking is essential to the prevention of personal injuries. Be sure to watch what is in front of you and pay attention to any posted signage or potential hazards. 


Some people are naturally more coordinated than others. If you happen to be less blessed in this area, working on your balance, and even completing exercises to strengthen certain muscles can help prevent personal injury. 

Not every trip or slip can be prevented, and there are more causes for personal injury than just these, so if you happen to find yourself injured and believe that someone else might be at fault, contact Willoughby Shulman Injury Lawyers today.