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Willoughby Shulman is a small boutique law firm that puts the client first.

You might ask, what is a small boutique law firm? It’s a law firm that focuses on their clients first and foremost. They have fewer members of staff, concentrated focus areas, experienced lawyers and a selective client base.

We are a lot different than some of our competitors out there. What we mean by that is when you come to our office, you will be meeting with Eric Willoughby and Stephen Shulman.

While many firms in Vegas dump all their time and money into billboards and bus decals to get their names out there, we have built our firm on a few simple things.

  • We focus on our clients first
  • We rely on the success of their cases to build reputation

Anyone can plaster their face all over the city, but at Willoughby Shulman, we believe that RESULTS are the best way to expand our firm. Why?


Everyone has dealt with poor customer service. It is a universally frustrating experience. No one likes to spend money on a service that makes life harder, rather than easier, or feel ignored.

Don’t take our word for it, look at some of our testimonials:

“Steve and Eric have represented several of my friends over the last five years. All of them have been thrilled with the results and the customer service. They are the best in town!”

“I am so happy and grateful for Steven and his team. They worked hard on my case, got the hospital and doctors offices to lower their bills and he even lowered his fees to make sure I got more money than the firm. I am very satisfied and would recommend this firm for professional good values and more.”

“I was completely overwhelmed after my car accident and choosing Willoughby Shulman was the best decision that I could’ve made. They guided me through the entire process and my outcome exceeded all of my expectations. They were always available to answer my questions, returned my calls promptly, and kept me updated on the progress of my case. I have the highest respect and appreciation for them.”

Sadly, it is a common complaint made against personal injury attorneys. Clients’ feel they are taken for granted, especially if they do not have a million-dollar case. At Willoughby Shulman Injury Lawyers, we do things differently.

We believe every client matters and deserves individualized attention. No matter the size of the case, either Eric Willoughby or Steve Shulman will handle it personally. You will not be passed off to an associate.

We also believe it is important to be able to reach your personal injury attorneys. That is why every client can call, text, and email directly with Eric and Steve. Your case matters to us and we are here to help.

Reach out to us today, we are here to help because you matter!