Tips for Enjoying Spring Break Safely

We at Willoughby Shulman would like to remind our readers that the Clark County School District will officially begin Spring Break on Saturday, April 13 and resume session on Tuesday, April 23. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors from all over the country choose to spend their Spring Break right here in Las Vegas, bringing a boost to the local economy and more traffic to local streets. If you’re planning to enjoy our lovely Spring weather and take a day trip with the family or even head out-of-town for the week, we encourage you to be mindful of your surroundings and take extra precautions on the roads.

Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers will be making the most of their break, putting more and more families on the highway, at the park, or on the sidewalk. This means that even though classes may be out, neighborhoods and school zones will still be bustling with cars, bicycles, skateboards, and more than a few pedestrians. Before classes let out for vacation, make sure your family knows how to handle the increased traffic and enjoy Spring Break safely.  In that regard, please be mindful of the following:

  • There are several ongoing construction projects causing delays on or around the Strip, so expect to see lane closures and detours along with the heavy Spring Break traffic. Cranes and construction crews are spread over nearly every inch of Las Vegas Boulevard; work on the Raiders’ stadium is picking up steam, but the $1.9 billion project is not set to be completed until the summer of 2020. If you will be driving near the Strip, try to pay extra attention to work vehicles and other obstacles that may be on the road and stay alert.
  • Blasting has started up again along the Mountain Springs stretch of Highway 160. Plan accordingly if you are thinking about travelling between Las Vegas and Pahrump during the break.
  • Always check the conditions along your planned route before setting out on the road. You can access up-to-date road conditions anytime on local news stations’ websites, and some of them even offer traffic apps that you can download for free; you can also visit or call 511 for updates.

We wish all our clients and their families a very happy, relaxing, and safe Spring Break. If an accident does occur, remember to remain calm, seek medical attention, and take down as much information as possible about the situation and people/vehicle(s) involved. Do not hesitate to call us for more information or to set-up a free consultation.

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