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The start of the New Year marks an opportunity to look back at everything that has happened in the past twelve months and think about all of the possibilities the next twelve months will have in store. For us, this means expressing our gratitude to the individuals who helped make our business even better in 2018 and looking forward to improving our services in 2019.

For many people, however, self-improvement comes at the gym, and January traditionally sees a spike in gym attendance across the nation. Even for lifelong fitness fanatics who use every machine properly and don’t overexert themselves, gyms pose a number of potential safety hazards, from faulty workout equipment to slippery floors. Before you sign-up for that first cardio class, take a look at a few of our reminders on personal safety and injury liability:

  • Just about every gym will ask you to sign a release absolving them of responsibility in the event that you sustain an injury while working out. This includes a liability waiver, which demands that anyone applying for a membership give up their right to file insurance claims and lawsuits against the gym. If they don’t sign, they are forced to take their business elsewhere. While these waivers are intended to grant the gym total immunity from any liability, these agreements are not always enforceable. That means you may still be able to bring a successful claim against the gym if you sustain an injury on the property due to the gym’s negligence.
  • In the event that you are injured while working out, make sure to document the incident as you would any other. Immediately report the injury to a staff member at the gym and receive medical attention as soon as possible. Additionally, ask a manager for the contact info to the gym’s insurance company and make sure to take down contact info for anyone who witnessed the accident. We also strongly advise you to request copies of all medical records and paperwork recording your injuries; this information is crucial when seeking any personal injury settlement.

If you are planning on joining a gym this January, remember that your safety is ultimately more important than how many reps you can push out. Even if you have been going to the gym for years, it is never too late to adopt healthier workout practices and think about how to minimize your risk for injury. We wish all of our readers a happy and very healthy New Year, and we would like to thank you for your continued support.

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