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Spring Break Safety Reminder

Spring is here, which means that schools will be letting out for Spring Break in the coming weeks. Clark County public schools officially begin Spring Break after the school day of Friday, March 23 and do not resume session until Tuesday, April 3. While you’re getting out and enjoying the warmer weather, we advise everyone to remember that the streets may be swarming with vacationing families and/or parents enjoying a day off with their children.

Whether you are enjoying a staycation of your own or just going about your daily routine, make sure to keep an eye out for families with small children crossing the road and remember that certain stretches of your drive may have heavier traffic than usual. Particularly when passing through residential communities, remain alert and bear in mind that children out on break may not always cross the street in a designated crosswalk area or look both ways before crossing.

Additionally, even though you will not have to observe the reduced speeds for school zones on your morning or afternoon route, many children and/or families may be outside in nearby areas throughout the week, and the school may still be hosting athletic or recreational events on its grounds (e.g. baseball game, spring carnival, etc.). Stay safe this Spring Break, and remember to hire a reputable attorney/firm in the event of any automobile accident.