The Las Vegas summer is here and it is HOT. With temperatures regularly in the triple digits, many residents and visitors are seeking out a spot to cool down. For most, this means finding the nearest pool and staying in the water until the heat dies down. Unfortunately, with the increase of bodies in and around the pools, there is also an increase in swimming pool injuries. 

With these kinds of injuries, it can be difficult to determine if someone is at fault or if it was truly an accident. If it was not an accident, it can even more difficult to narrow it down to who is responsible. In many circumstances, it is beneficial for the injured party to hire legal representation

An injury attorney can help you collect the appropriate evidence needed to make your case, and will handle the legal proceedings so your main focus can be on healing. Let’s take a look at some common circumstances that lead to swimming pool injuries, and how we can help

Inadequate Signage

One of the most common circumstances that often leads to swimming pool injuries is inadequate signage. Properties with pools should always have signs posted warning visitors of the presence of a pool, the fact that the ground surrounding the pool may be wet and/or slippery, and whether there is a lifeguard on duty or not. 

There should also be posted indications of pool rules that must be followed in an attempt to prevent swimming pool injuries from occurring. Labels showing the depths of the pool should always be visible in order to dissuade individuals from getting into a section that may be out of their comfort zone. Lastly, the whereabouts of a first aid kit and a phone that does not rely on cell service capabilities are also key to addressing any swimming pool injuries that do happen. 


This one is called #2 for a reason…poop. Swimming pools are meant to have the proper amount of chemicals to kill off any bacteria that enters the water. However, if the chemicals are not at the proper levels (we’ll talk more about that in a second), then substances that get into the water may not be adequately exterminated. In addition, when swimmers fail to shower or rinse off before getting into the pool, they could be bringing bits of fecal matter in with them. This can result in illness for anyone who comes in contact with it. 

Chemical Imbalances

Speaking of chemical imbalances, pools need to have a certain level of chemicals in order to kill off harmful bacteria but not too much where it causes damage to skin or surfaces in or around the pool. If there are not enough chemicals in the pool, people who spend any amount of time swimming in it can get sick from the bacteria floating around. If there are too many chemicals in the pool, the water can wear away at the protective layer of oil on the skin and cause irritation. 

Hazardous Surfaces

Last but not least, hazardous surfaces are the culprit to blame for many swimming pool injuries. When the pavement or decks surrounding pools get wet, they often get slippery. Without proper signage and other safety precautions, swimmers can easily slip and fall and get injured. In addition, rough or uneven surfaces can cause trips and slips as well. 

Willoughby Shulman for Swimming Pool Injuries

If you have experienced any swimming pool injuries because of a property owner’s negligence, you need Willoughby Shulman for legal representation. Our injury lawyers can help determine who is at fault and will assist with gathering the evidence needed to prove it. Contact our experienced team today.