As we move into winter, we should prepare to experience inclimate weather including the occasional rain. Even though Las Vegas does not typically experience harsh winters with snow and heavy rainfall, it’s not unheard of for Southern Nevada to experience wet and frosty conditions out of nowhere. When this happens, we tend to see higher rates of personal injury claims including plenty of slip and fall injuries. While a slip and fall injury typically occurs when an individual doesn’t expect it, there are a few steps that you can take to prevent winter slip and fall injuries.

Wear the Appropriate Footwear

Cold, wet weather can lead to more frequent and more dangerous slip and fall injuries. Slippery entryways, frosty sidewalks, and wet step rails can cause you to lose your footing before you know it, you’ve fallen right on your tailbone.

While there is no way to fully prevent slipping, you can reduce your chances of slipping by wearing shoes designed with non-slip soles. You can purchase winter shoes or non-slip shoes from your local “shoes for crews” store.

Keep Your Hands Free

These days, it’s normal to see folks walking around with their phone in one hand and a warm beverage in the other. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to catch yourself in the event that you slip and fall. While it’s not fool-proof, keeping your hands free can help you catch yourself or at least break for your fall so that you don’t land on your head or tailbone which can lead to more severe injuries.

Use Handrails If Available

While it has become more and more common to avoid touching handrails due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, holding on to handrails can help prevent an accidental slip and fall injury this winter. While you still might slip on slick and wet ground, holding on to a rail can stop you from slamming into the ground.

Step Down, Not Out

One of the more likely places to slip and fall is getting in and out of your car. This is because many people step out away from their center of gravity, leaving themselves off balance for just a second. Add slipperily asphalt or a wet step rail and you have yourself the perfect conditions for a slip and fall injury. To prevent this, always be sure to step down, keeping your feet below your center of gravity. When getting out of your car, it can help to plant both feet on the ground before stepping out.

Watch For Slippery Floors When Entering Buildings

While property owners have a responsibility to properly alert you about slipping hazards, there are times when they may not see the slipping hazard on the group. This is especially true in entryways where people may be stepping out of the rain and into the building. Always be sure to look where you are walking to prevent slipping.