Experiencing a personal injury can be devastating, regardless of how extensive it is. Personal injuries cause inconveniences are suffering in your life, and may even lead to loss of income, numerous medical bills, and possible long-term effects. The consequences of accidents that cause personal injuries are often felt long after the incident itself. 

If you have been injured and believe that someone else may be at fault, you may be wondering how to go about filing a claim or starting a case. There are certain steps that must be taken and specific information that needs to be kept track of in order to maximize your chances of gaining the full compensation that you deserve. The most efficient way to do this is to hire an attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases. At Willoughby Shulman, we have the expertise to help you, and to handle the following steps of obtaining a fair compensation. 

Complete an Investigation

Do not leave the scene of your personal injury without evidence. Gather contact information from those who witnessed the accident, ensure that all evidence gets into the hands of the officers on scene, and get a copy of the police report filed. 

Get Photographs

In addition to the information and evidence gathered above, it is essential to photograph the scene of your personal injury as quickly as possible. Do this before the scene gets tampered with, or becomes unable to use as evidence. Provide these photographs to your attorney and the police for use in your case. 

Keep Medical Records

It is important to keep track of your medical records after you have experienced a personal injury. Hold onto copies of all procedures, appointments, and bills. Be sure to not release any of this information to the other party’s insurance company as well. This information should be between  you, your insurance company, and your attorney only. It may also help to keep a journal of your injuries and their progression as well. In addition, stay under your doctor’s care until they release you. If you end medical treatment early, it could negatively affect your case. 

Track Bills and Damages

In addition to medical bills, there may be more costs that come up in regards to your personal injury. It is essential to track these, as well as damages for suffering, in order to receive full compensation for the money your personal injury has caused you.

As you can see, there are many steps that go into filing a personal injury claim. In order to ensure these are done correctly, and increase your chances of getting full and fair compensation, contact Willoughby Shulman today to handle your case.