While we still have a global pandemic on our hands, the world is slowly but surely returning to normalcy. Las Vegas is no exception to this, and just as the rest of the world reopens, and travel restrictions are lifted, we have seen and will continue to see our city’s tourism skyrocket yet again. In addition to the potential this brings for having COVID19 spread like wildfire through our booming hospitality-based economy, there are other threats and outcomes that come along with Vegas being a destination hotspot as well. Let’s take a look at what injuries & accidents in a post-COVID world might look like. 


Personal injuries are an ever-present part of our lives, even though 99% of them can be prevented. When Coronavirus shut our city down in 2020, there was a decline in personal injury cases, as everyone was safely at home. Now that these restrictions are no longer in place, more people are out and about, and we see the personal injury rates climbing along as well. Here are some of the most prominent possible injuries & accidents in a post-COVID world. 

Casino Injuries

One of the main attractions in Las Vegas is the vast number of casinos. These buildings are built almost like cities within walls, and are often updated regularly and maintained meticulously. However, with many staff only recently returning to work, and the casino/hotel industry attempting to bounce back after the pandemic, things might not get done as well as they used to. When machines are not maintained properly, wet floor signs are not displayed around mopped sections of tile or anything else along those lines, and a casino guest gets injured because of the staff’s lack of attention to the problem, casino owners could be up a creek. 

Premises Liability 

This leads up to premises liability, which essentially refers to anyone who has experienced an injury on someone else’s property because of negligent actions or inactions. Premises liability injuries can happen at casinos, hotels, restaurants, and many other places. With many establishments having experienced some level of shut down over the past year, the property could have experienced some wear and tear, and things might not be in peak working order. It is the property owner’s responsibility to perform a thorough inspection to ensure the safety of the guests. When this is not completed, and someone is injured on the property, it can be classified as premises liability due to negligence. 


Before COVID19, almost any time you drove anywhere along the Las Vegas highway system, you would stumble upon a motor vehicle accident. With a city as busy as Vegas is and roads as confusing as the Spaghetti Bowl, it can be easy to see why there were so many accidents. When the city shut down, so did the roads. Now that restrictions are being lifted and we are returning back to normalcy, more cars have appeared on the roadways again and this has led to an increase in injuries & accidents in a post-COVID world. 

Reckless Driving

One of the main reasons that accidents are on the rise here in Las Vegas is due to the fact that many individuals had become accustomed to emptier roads and have developed reckless driving habits. These habits could be speeding, erratic lane changes, not signaling when turning, and more. Since these drivers have been used to barely anybody else on the roads, adjusting to normalcy includes breaking these bad habits. Unfortunately, bad habits are not broken easily, and many accidents have occurred because of this. 

Extra Traffic

In addition to many Las Vegas residents returning to work and making the commute into the office, tourism has ramped up tremendously since restrictions have been decreasing or completely lifted. With the addition of so many vehicles on both the highways and the surface streets, we have seen the number of accidents climb steadily. After all, more cars on the road means more potential to be in a wreck, and more injuries & accidents in a post-COVID world. 

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