One of the most important things to remember when you have experienced a personal injury or have been involved in a car accident is to seek medical attention immediately, and to not refuse care while on the scene of the accident. Immediately following a car accident or injury, you may be disoriented and filled with adrenaline, and may not be able to tell just quite how hurt you are feeling. There are many reasons that it may be tempting to refuse medical treatment on the scene of an accident, but even if you fall in any of these categories, it’s important to allow the medical professionals to look you over for a few reasons. Let’s first take a look at why you may consider denying medical care, and then we can go over why it’s imperative that you don’t make this mistake. 

Why Refuse?

There are several factors that may come into play when someone chooses to deny medical attention on the scene of an accident. 

Feeling Fine

As mentioned above, oftentimes after an accident or injury, adrenaline takes over. This may mask any initial pain and discomfort that you could be feeling due to your accident. It may make it hard to believe that you are injured when you are genuinely feeling fine. A quick examination from the emergency responders can determine whether something more may be going on, however. 

Delayed Symptoms

There are many kinds of injuries that can happen as a result of an accident. Sometimes, these injuries may not be immediately apparent. Perhaps they are in inconspicuous places, or they are internal injuries. You may not even realize you are injured, or start showing symptoms until later on. An examination from emergency personnel may not spot these right away either, however, there is a chance they can catch them early on, and even if they don’t, you will have proof that you made an attempt to do so at the scene. 

Insurance or Financial Struggles

Perhaps your main concern is what the financial cost may be for you. If you do not have health insurance, or you don’t think your injuries will be covered by your insurance, it can be tempting to deny medical coverage, however, this can negatively affect the compensation you receive with your case, which can cause further financial struggles later on. It’s best to prioritize your health and figure out the finances after you have healed if possible. 

Why You Need Medical Attention

Even if you are not feeling that injured at the scene of the accident or premises liability, or if you have other concerns in mind such as insurance or financial burden, it is imperative that you allow the present medical personnel to provide care to you. This can benefit your case by proving the possibility of injury on the scene, as well as potentially even finding an injury that may have been otherwise overlooked. By denying medical attention on the scene, you potentially make it more difficult to pursue a case, as it can bring into question the validity of your injury and what may have caused it, or when it occurred. 

What If I Refused?

If you refused medical care on the scene of your accident, there may still be hope for your case. If you later on start to experience symptoms of an injury, be sure to seek medical attention immediately, and mention that you have recently been involved in an accident or have experienced a personal injury. Having this documented can help with your case. While it is much harder to pursue compensation when medical assistance was denied on scene, winning a case like this is not impossible. Contact our team of legal experts to see how we can assist you today.